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In the present age of technology everything has changed drastically and the need to be well equipped with all the newness is essential. In todays world the schedules have become so busy that it is almost impossible to have some time to visit some doctor or have any medical remedy in case of any problem. Keeping in view all the  matters Zee Telebrand Herbal store has come up with an exciting idea of remedy through Internet. The store includes various medicines regarding different malfunctions. The store offers a wide range of medicines. Quality of all the products is guaranteed.

Power Prash Shakti Prash Sexual Weakness Control

Power Prash

Price:  Rs. 2,999/PKR

For male only, Male Enhancement and best for sex performance.

Sexual Weakness

Price:  Rs. 2,199/PKR

For male only.

Natural medicine for Sexual and muscular weakness.

Shakti Prash

Price:  Rs. 3,499/PKR

For male only.

An Excellent Ayurvedic Medicine.

Caboki Hair Fiber

Price:  Rs. 3,999/PKR

Hair oil (for male and female)

Hair growing and hair falling complete solution.

Breast Developers

Price:  Rs. 1,899/PKR

For female only, Increase your Breast naturally.

Young Again

Price:  Rs. 1,999/PKR

For female only.

A natural cream for Vagina tighteners.


Maximer Oil

Price:  Rs. 2,399/PKR

For male only, Male Natural oil for male enhancement.

Maximizer Caboki Hair Fiber
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Featured Products:

Ab Rocket Twister

Price:  Rs. 4,500/PKR

.Launch Yourself into Amazing Abs with the Ab Rocket twister.

Ab Rocket Twister Tummy Fit MetaSlim

Tummy Fit

Price:  Rs. 2,499/PKR

For male and female,

Reduce weight naturally


Price:  Rs. 2,950/PKR

Natural medicine for weight & fat reduce.

Easy Slim Tea

Price:  Rs. 2,000/PKR

Weight loosing tea, burn your fat naturally.

Easy Slim Tea Aire Bra

Slim n lift Aire Bra

Price:  Rs. 3,000/PKR

Without hocks and straps, comfortable for all.

Hair Building Fiber

Hair Building Fiber

Price:  Rs. 2,499/PKR

Hair oil (for male and female)

Hair growing and hair falling complete solution.

No Addiction

No Addiction

Price:  Rs. 3,000/PKR

Natural medicine for Addiction.

Become regular in your life once again.

No Addiction

Smart Bra

Price:  Rs. 3,000/PKR

No straps, comfortable bra, imported and original.

Smart Bra Sauna Belt

Sauna Belt

Price:  Rs. 2,000/PKR

Get slim and smart body, no side effect get original shape of your body.

Love forever

Price:  Rs. 3,499/PKR

Best Sexual Health Product, Dietry Supplement beneficial for Erectile Dysfunction.

Love Forever

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Fair Look

Fair Look

Price:  Rs. 2,500/PKR

Ayurvedic lotion for Fair and Beautiful skin.

Air Lounge

Price:  Rs. 8,000/PKR

Male enhancement natural pills for everyone.

Air Lougne PC Tablet

PC Tablet

Price:  Rs. 10,000/PKR

Andriod O/S, Full tuch screen, high speed processor. Full application supported.

In Styler

Price:  Rs. 3,499/PKR

It's not a brush. It's not a flat iron. It's the InStyler® rotating hot iron!.

In Styler

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